More Coverage of Kleiner Perkins

Forbes wrote a piece covering John Doerr’s newest passion.  The article called "Tree-Hugging Capitalists"
does a great job of highlighting what "Green-Tech" means.

A couple of key quotes for me follow:

"As venture investors we’re always thinking about market size," said Lane. "If you pick a small market, you’re screwed. This is as big a market as it gets."


Clad in hiking pants and Birkenstock sandals (with socks), Doerr’s co-emcee Bill Joy looked more like a tree-hugger than a calculating VC. But he’s clearly been running the numbers: "There is a big wave coming as Moore’s Law meets the biotech and nanotech revolutions. Opportunities abound in new materials, new pathways, new organisms, new forms of magic."



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