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Every company leader, consultant, and employee I speak with clearly agrees with me that there are few options when it comes to creating multimedia presentations and marketing materials in the Des Moines metro.  Most firms using multimedia are doing it themselves by telling the resident graphic designer to "go learn some new software" and make something nice. 

The problem doesn’t lie with the graphic designers skill set since he/she can certainly learn the software and make things look cool.  The problem is typically the inability to sync up communication between the leader asking for a desired sales/marketing message and the person expected to deliver the presentation.

I went through this a hundred times in previous career lives.  Transcript:

Doug – "Hey I want to deliver a presentation that walks target clients through this new solution"
Owner – "Sure, just get graphic designer marketing material generator person (GDMMGP) to do it"
Doug – "Here’s what I’m looking for…blah and then music…blah blah and voice over and…"
GDMMGP – "I’ve produced a couple minutes..what do you think?"
Doug – "’ve learned how to use the software and that spinning thing is neat but no."
GDMMGP – "What else should I do then?"
Doug – "You know what, I’ll just do it myself…since it will take me at least that long to explain it to you"

What is absent is not talent from the GDMMGP, it’s a lifetime of business experience and expertise in shaping a marketing message and delivering it with impact. Knowing how to use a chisel to break rock doesn’t make one a sculptor. 

In essence we’ve become become multimedia sculptors at TMG Media Services.  We take your goals, your message, your desired outcome…and use our toolkit to sculpt a multimedia production that will thrill you. 

Our toolkit includes:

  1. Audio production including custom music, voice over, sound effects.
  2. Multimedia production including graphics, video, and basic animation.
  3. Solution walk-throughs, demonstrations, online training materials.

Our toolkit and technical expertise continues to grow each week as we push ourselves too.  If you’re in the Des Moines metro area we’d love to take your multimedia dreams and turn them into reality.

If you’re outside of the metro let’s do a video conference soon.

You can see examples of our work here.

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