My article: “Educating Employees on New Technology” just published

I wrote a piece that is now live on the Construction Business site
called Educating
Employees on New Technology.

Here’s a quote:

Change is a Four-Letter Word: I.C.A.N.

New technologies in a construction business environment fail most often
because employees are not educated on why the change is happening and how that
"upgrade" will improve the business. 

Too often, companies mistake training for true education. The training
session, which most often comes after decisions have been made, contracts have
been signed and IT has invested a tremendous amount of time configuring the new
system into the overall structure of the company, is too often an employee’s
first introduction to a technology upgrade.

The article highlights the I.C.A.N. change management
that we recently debuted in our Change Management Course
inside the RentalMetrics



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