My First Caucus Experience

Last night, the people of Iowa spoke and nation heard.  Our caucus location was overrun with people.  Turnout was over DOUBLE expected.  People buzzed with excitement and anticipation.  We listened to passionate pleas…then cast our ballots.  Done.

My Democrat caucusing friends were even more buzzed than I.  Giddy would be a better explanation.  As Richardson voters, they had to switch once it was clear that he wasn’t viable (ie obtained at least 15% of the vote).  Lobbying, caucusing, whatever you’d like to call it…..began.  You know the results now.

The political process is alive and well friends and I’m especially proud to be an Iowan today (yes…more than normal).  Here’s a few observations in retrospect.

  1. Of course, the national media continues to be flummoxed over Iowa’s "Undue influence on the national election…where such a small group of humble people affect things nationally when we really don’t represent the nation."  What these cretins are trying to sugar coat is their feeling that Iowa is filled with religious zealot agrarians (Huckabee) and Democrats that obviously are voting with their emotions. (Obama) 
  2. I hear many suggesting that California would be a better first stop choice and more "representative of the nation".  Are you KIDDING ME!  Coming from said place, I can tell you that the folks there mostly don’t care.  Also, you’d not get farther than about 20 miles in a radius to hit 3 million people…and you’d be hard pressed to actually get there anyway with traffic. Having a large state go first would not help.  In fact it would be a massive detriment.  Candidates would have to engage in far larger "retail" politics and avoid small group settings and that would do no good for the nation.
  3. The latest poll I heard put McCain in first in NH, Romney 2nd, and Rudy 3rd.  Nationally, things are completely different again.  The bottom line is that when we try to pin "representative of America" on any one state…it’s filled with incorrect assumptions.  This is the process people.  We’re trying to gather the pulse of the nation.  Last night we found out that Rudy bailing on Iowa hurt bad and that Hilliary isn’t the dynamo she thought she was.  And how ’bout that ‘Bama!  Isn’t just awesome to think of the change we COULD have in the US historically if he’s elected (Although I’d prefer David Palmer).
  4. Iowa as a first stop proving grounds is manageable for the candidates geographically.  There’s only 3 million or so of us.
  5. We don’t decide until we’ve fully vetted the candidates. (Frustrates the media that they can’t pick the winner well in advance)
  6. We force the candidates to expose themselves to small groups. 
  7. The Clinton campaign must be scrambling internally.  3rd place is like falling off the map.
  8. Poor Dodd.  He moved here.  Maybe I can buy his house cheap and rent it out?
  9. Romney spent a ton for 2nd place.  Huckster spent almost nothing. 
  10. I’ve never seen such a media frenzy.  I was on CNN in the background a few times…and yesterday I was interviewed about blogging…on SkyNews (broadcast live to the UK).  Power to the bloggers.

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