My Moment with Cap Weinberger

During my dot com days, I was taking the commuter flight from NYC to DC where we were headed to meet with AOL I think.  As we waited in the lobby, Eric Idle (Python) was there signing autographs and looking very rushed to do something.  As I boarded my plane…I saw a small man sit down in front of me.  That man was Cap Weinberger.  I didn’t say anything to him that day.  I wish I would have.  He was a very impressive figure.  His knowledge, understanding, and clarity on global politics and the economy preceded him and I really didn’t want to ruin our  "encounter" by bringing up something  that I knew nothing about. 

I’ve never forgotten that experience…because shortly after that "non-meeting" with Cap…I boarded American Flight 77   that a mere month later would slam into the Pentagon.

Karlgaard on Cap Karlgaard on Cap Weinberger



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