My telecom nightmare

I moved to Iowa about 13 months ago. Upon arrival, I was welcomed and really hooked up by Mediacom, the cable company presently embroiled in a battle with Sinclair Communications. I’ve posted on that deal before.  At the end of the day, I’m at the nexus of the perfect storm regarding my whole telecom infrastructure:

  1. I no longer have Fox (24 being the main issue) so I cannot DVR it and must switch over to rabbit ears to see it in scratchy low def.
  2. All of my discounts just expired.  I now have a $180/mo bill for internet, phone, and cable.  That does include a $20 discount on phone.  Mediacom seems to have no interest thus far in keeping me as a customer.  They must be trained with shock therapy to not even flinch when you say, "I’m going to take all of my services elsewhere unless you sharpen this pencil."
  3. My wife wants to keep a local 515 Des Moines, Iowa phone number (now with Mediacom using their excellent unlimited VOIP.  I’m in favor of ditching regular phone all together.  Our cell phones are CA area codes and must remain that way for another reason not worth explaining.
  4. I have Vonage for business already in the house
  5. I have a skype account and skype IN phone number but they don’t even offer 515 area code for that nor does Yahoo Phone.

My buddy forwarded me a link to Grand Central where you can use one 515 phone number and it will ring to any phone you want it to ring on (cell, office, etc.)  It’s free right now but probably wont be forever and it’s a bit clunky.

Anyway, I’m anxious to hear someone’s suggestions if they have them..but I’m pretty sure I’ve covered every conceivable way of doing this..and that I’m left with bending over for Mediacom and living with rabbit ears, or going the DirecTV / Qwest phone/DSL route.      



2 thoughts on “My telecom nightmare”

  1. Doug,
    I have been using AT&T CallVantage (VOIP service) – – for the last couple of years. I’m pretty happy with it. I picked it up for my home office instead of Vonage because of the better reviewed quality. I found that that remains to be true. The thin I like best about it, though, is that I can set up the service to ring on multiple lines simultaneously, which I think from reading your post, is interesting to you. When someone calls my VOIP office number (the only number I give out) the call rings on my office phone, 2 cell phones, car phone and vacation home phone. It’s sooo nice to be down to one number for everything. Also, when I signed up, they had hundreds of area codes to choose from. I live in a small town and they had mine. Price is reasonable too.
    Of course, this doesn’t address your video needs . . .

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