Mystery Shopping

Lately, I’ve been assisting my wife with some local mystery shops (where you engage in certain scenarios designed to measure and test customer service in a technical way in exchange for a small payment + reimbursement of a set expense limit).  What I’m more and more convinced of after doing this…is how undervalued Starbucks Coffee stock is.  As I’ve said before, "It’s the people" that make your brand.  By and large, Starbucks hires right and its baristas live the brand. 

There are shining stars to everywhere to be certain (glass half full approach) and some baristas have flamed out I’m sure…but it fascinates me that Starbucks can achieve excellence on such a grand scale.  I visited a Starbucks last night randomly wandering through the mall and was seriously impressed with the barista’s abilities to connect with my wife and I. 

I know that more companies are attempting to reinvent themselves into a service excellence culture.  Are you aware of any that are succeeding on the Starbucks scale or close?

Maybe I just need to get out more!   



2 thoughts on “Mystery Shopping”

  1. Because I work at home and most of my clients are out of state, I don’t see many people during the day. Starbucks’ baristas are my connection with real people. I go to the same cafe everyday and they ask me what I’m working on – we have a real conversation. Because they seem so bright, cheerful and interested me, I always leave feeling wonderful – which means I always return… Brilliant strategy, Starbucks!

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