NASCAR Unleashes Technology To Further Enhance the Brand

As the NASCAR nation readies for its Daytona 500 fix, more details are emerging on the technology and coverage enhancements for your viewing pleasure.  Full article in USA Today.

These guys and gals really know how to do things right.  As NASCAR’s viewership began to taper a bit last year and new broadcast mediums, marketing channels, and demographics were explored, all parties seemed to spare no expense to ensure growth for the next 10 years. 

Here’s a sample of what’s deployed this coming season:

  1. 60-75 cameras used to shoot the NASCAR Busch Series races (does the NFL use that many?)
  2. Carl Edwards will act as an "in-car reporter" as he races.
  3. HD In-Car cameras.
  4. 3-D virtual coverage using black box telemetry in real-time with 3 virtual views available including above, behind, and front of cars.
  5. DirecTV is offering 10 "Hot Pass" channels allowing the viewer to see and hear everything from 10 teams per week in a "select a driver" format. 
  6. Sirius is offering 10 in car channels each race as well.
  7. offers "track pass" where you can get much of this real-time telemetry and team communication via the web.
  8. Finally, you can now purchase Sprint-Nextel’s FanView for $415 (or rent one at the track) that give an LCD screen with real-time audio communication from all the team pre-programmed for your convenience.

Now with all of the pre-season cheating drama and all of this glorious technology…I think most NASCAR fans are sweaty and waiting.

Go Jimmie.   



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