New Business Model? Cicada Abatement

Thanks Tom B. for this item (if you had a blog I’d link:)
We’re expected to get a visit from the Cicada plague this year after 17 years of dormancy.  Read the news piece for the full and ugly details.

Here’s a quote

The red-eyed,
shrimp-sized, flying insects don’t bite or sting. But they are known
for mating calls that produce a din that can overpower ringing
telephones, lawn mowers and power tools.


Brood XIII is expected across northern Illinois, and in parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. Cicadas live only about 30 days as adults, and their main goal is mating.

Ummmm, I can’t wait…red eyed-and shrimp sized…

Can’t some enterprising individual come up with a business plan to solve this issue?

Executive Summary:  This business does incredible revenues once every 17 years and has a lock on the entire Midwest!  



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