New Godaddy E-mail feature

If you use the free email service like I do (forwarded to gmail), then you might find this interesting.  I’ve forgotten twice now to check that email box only to have it fill up and start rejecting messages.  There’s no reason to check it if you’re living in gmail of course…but until now, there was no easy way to remind oneself that I knew about at least.

Well, now there’s a new "auto-purge" feature that will dump messages older than XX.  You simply right click on the INBOX, select AUTO PURGE, and select the frequency.  I don’t really need them to be saved at all but I feel that it’s a fail safe against some kind of non-delivery by gmail.  One never knows.

Anyway, I know that a few of you use this and it can sure save some missed emails and technical faux pas.




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