Not Aggressive Enough

A  tepid and "politically non-confrontational" start to Iowa’s public policy on Renewable Energy was released was reported in The Des Moines Register.
a few moments ago.

The state of Iowa needs to step up and goals like Governor Vilsack’s "25% of all fuel sold by 2020 by renewable" don’t cut it.  Especially considering that it accounts for 10% in Iowa already. 

The following piece:

"House File 2574 also gives retailers tax incentives and grants to install equipment needed to sell more highly concentrated ethanol to help meet the goal. “This is an important investment in Iowa’s future,” Vilsack said."

is correct.  Solving a piece of the distribution problem (where do I buy this stuff anyway?) is KEY.

I hope and pray that our next generation of Iowa Gubernatorial leadership will get aggressive.  Let’s find someone with low aspirations (doesn’t want to be President) and unreasonably high expectations of its citizens (like President Kennedy) and let’s do this. 



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