Obamicans and Democrats Uniting Behind Their Candidate

Hillary Clinton was decimated tonight in the "Potomac Primaries".   I listened to Obama’s speech in its entirety.  He’s good.  He’s…very good.  His message is what America is ready for. Change.  Hope.  Service.  Rebuilding.  Doing what’s hard.  I cannot stand one moment of Hillary’s speeches…yet I watch Obama and am totally enthralled. 

Obama’s message carries the inspiration and praise of the American spirit…our dedication to hard work and doing what’s right.  He invokes parables about the work of the Revolutionaries that founded our nation.  People thought the idea of freedom from Britain was crazy.  But our founding fathers said…Yes…We Can

Here’s what’s striking to me…Obama’s message doesn’t sound that much different than our 40th President’s.  We haven’t really heard yet how Obama intends to execute all of the things he wishes for our nation.  But we don’t seem to care.  We didn’t realize that Reagan would choose to simply outspend the Russians into bankruptcy either when we chose him.  The message is the same but with a different approach.  The result will be the same and Obamicans will deliver his victory and 8 years of unparalleled interest in making the United States a better place.  Yes We Can.

Coverage switched to John McCain as Obama ended. I was taken aback by the stark contrast to the Obama speech.  McCain is almost mechanical and spouting rhetoric that most conservatives don’t even want to hear now.  He’s done.  He’s the nominee and is finished. 

McCain’s only hope is that the Super Delegates pick Hillary over Obama against the will of the people if it comes down to the convention.   I don’t think it will…but that’s another post.

Barack Obama will win the nomination and win the election by at least 8 points.



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  1. Doug: Welcome to the fold. I too watched last night three speeches. One of Hillary…she shouts and it it’s all about “me”. Obama…you said it well. McCain…stark contrast and yesterdays story. It was amazing. Nice post.

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