Observe the posted limits

Today I drove about 450 miles…literally from Ohio to Philadelphia.  For those of you who don’t know, PA is one of the TOUGHEST states to speed in of all.  Their cops are like stealth fighters..almost appearing out of nowwhere to nab you for going 6 MPH over the posted limit.  These guys have radar mounted on the side of their cars, radar guns, "instant on" radar that can nab you going the other direction…Not to mention that much of the 450 miles today was 55MPH, a speed us Californians rarely see.  Speaking of CA and speed.  I drive 80MPH to and from work every day and I’m getting overrun.  (How do you go 80PMH you ask in the gridlock?…I take the toll road to and from work resulting in a daily charge of approximately $12.00 and I only do 80MPH until the toll road backs up as well…but I digress). 

Do you know how physically hard it is to do 55MPH? …or do do 45MPH through a construction zone.  Anyway, I just cranked the radio, accepted my violation free fate, and relaxed.  I’m guessing that my move to the Midwest will make situations like this more common.  I have to drive about 400 miles tomorrow, and then another 450 on Thursday.  The driving is simply easier and more enjoyable than trying to catch flights and rental cars, etc…but that’s the topic of another post.

Until we meet again, drive safe.



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