Ode To Wii


Groggy, disheveled,  with crust in my eyes.
I cruised the parking lot of a few Best Buys.
Eighteen in stock, 36 people in line.
Nintendo Wii today, will not be mine.

Alas! it seems CompUSA has some!
According to ads, they’ll serve those who come.
How many in stock? the question of the day.
35 degrees outside, but snow is on the way.

A cheerful group present, good spirits in all.
The cold front moves in, line up against the wall.
Hey Look!  They’re here! employees going in.
They’re milling about, and typing things in.

Snow here now and the temp is falling.
Twenty four degrees and my skin is crawling.
Wind blown drifts pepper my skin.
The lights go on! They’re letting us in!

Will this be the end of my wait?
The manager arrives to deliver my fate.
"We have 5 in stock" but it seems I’m 6th.
For 5 we have Wii’s, for Doug we have nix.

The search continues and conquer I will.
Just as soon as my body loses its chill.
I guess today it was not to be.
Oh damn you damn you damn you Wii!



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