Off to RAGBRAI tonight!

Well…months of preparation have led up to the next 3 days.  I will log about 180 miles on my bike, which I’ve just named "Carbon Positive"..and have a heck of a good time methinks.  The wives will be the set up/chase crew providing our tent set up and beer chilling services well ahead of our arrival. 

Grandma and Grandpa are here to watch the kids for 3 days by themselves for the first time ever.  Of course, as most parents know, the kids are gems for others and only torment mom and dad so I won’t lose a wink of sleep over that.

I’ll be blogging (and probably video blogging) via air card from the base camp each day so stay tuned!



One thought on “Off to RAGBRAI tonight!”

  1. >>>which I’ve just named “Carbon Positive”..<<< LOL My bike is of the motorized variety... a Harley Sportster 883, which I nicknamed The Picky Bitch because she's slow to warm up, unforgiving in the downshift, and demands a lot of accessories. Have fun and stay safe!! ~ Janet

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