Oh Carbon My Carbon…

No matter where in the political spectrum you fall, just remember that all 8 candidates participating in the debate last night each took their own jet to the debate.  Each person chose to belch out their own jet exhaust with no pooling or sharing.  ."Hey Obama…my jet’s bigger than yours…wanna ride it?–love Hillary"  Full article here.

Republicans will obviously do the same thing so this is not about right and left.

Here’s what this is about:

For these candidates and for most politicians, being "green" only goes as far as it can until it starts to affect their OWN behaviors…and by the way…that’s just like most of us.  When politico’s schedules will be crunched or they’d be forced to be a plebe like me in first class (the nerve of me to suggest such lunacy)…green behavior is replaced by some kind of whacked out carbon offset scam designed to make people feel better (pay money) about their own…emissions.  Are you tired of the message yet?

  1. We care about you and we’ll fight for you to get higher wages, a bunch of stuff for free (meaning others pay for it but shhhh), and we’ll protect the environment since the other people don’t care whatsoever and want to kill us all, oh yeah…and screw the rich (which by governmental definition is probably what you and I would call supporting a family of four with a nice lifestyle. 

I think I’ve pretty much summed it up.  Talking out of both sides of one’s mouth and not walking the talk appear to be the keys to political success.    



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