Oh my…can you see my underARMOUR

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the company UnderArmour.  I’ve heard about its great potential as an investment, the huge market share of athletic clothing that they’re capturing, etc.  Here was my Under Armour "a-ha" moment.

A few days ago, miffed by the high prices of Biking Clothes, namely shirts, I bought an Under Armour t-shrit.  Now here’s the deal.  Biking clothes are largely made of the same "microfiber" or various other marketing names like "Coolmax" and "Dri-mesh", etc.  Sure bikes stuff comes with the longer back so it stays down when riding and leaning over and they often have pockets for stuff.  But, for a guy like me who rides with a small saddle bag that holds clothing, wallet, snacks, etc…I don’t need the pockets.  So, I’m now wearning an Under Armour t-shirt instead for half the price with the same "wicking" technology that takes sweat away from your skin and wicks it to the outside world where it can be cooled off by the air.    All of these shirts and clothing items are made from polyester which just kills me.  You can’t get me to wear a 50/50 poly/cotton blend dress shirt…but on the weekend, I’m wearing skin tight polyester from head to toe. 

I’m convinved that I should make a stock purchase now.  I’m actually buying, using, and telling others about these shirts.  I’m even considering making the switch for my normal t-shirt wearing to Under Armour shirts.  I’m extremely pleased with the comfort and durability.  Also, for us not so small dudes, here’s a tip:  The biking world considers a 42 inch waist and 46 jacket size about a XXXL which is a bit awkward.  I realize stuff is supposed to be "tighter" fitting to lessen the drag, blah blah…but NO ONE wants to see my midsection firmly wrapped in a sweaty tight rumple shower.   I’m very content with a little wind drag and an XL that fits very nicely.



One thought on “Oh my…can you see my underARMOUR”

  1. Okay fatty, this is a ardent plea for you not to talk about you and skin tight clothing. I mean the visual I just got is… yuck. I think I’m going to vomit.

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