On low post volume and the pendulum theory of work life balance

Lately, I've become one of those guys that says, "I've been so busy…I haven't had much time to post".  The more accurate statement would be, "Man, I haven't had that "cerebral downtime to read, digest and develop thoughts on writing blogs outside of our work at create WOW media."

Really.  Do you ever find yourself:

  1. In that zone where you have 32 tabs open in your browser?
  2. Doing work that requires non-linear mental organization that actually hurts a bit after 12 or so hours…and then doing that work for 9 days straight?
  3. So into what you're doing that adrenaline is released constantly, multiple days in a row and your breathing actually gets a bit shallow?

So that's me lately.  I know the work life balance crowd is probably concerned for my safety…but don't fear.  Sometimes you just have to tilt the balance pendulum well into the red zone on one end or the other to make great things happen.

Having a supportive wife and kids, a good personal trainer, and the self awareness and understanding of what's happening and that it must swing back someday...are the most important factors in the work-life-balance equation.



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