Please welcome a new blogger to the family

After a lengthy diatribe over a cup of Sumatra…my friend and Des Moines area real estate investment guru Nigel Chapman has launched a Des Moines area real estate centric blog.  In this market, we really need this kind of information and commentary.
Please check it out here.

Like most converts…Nigel just needed to see what business blogging was really all about before committing.  I recited many "Mike Sansone’isms" and referred him to some key posts to brush up on tactics. 

A quick learner, Nigel has deployed his blog, used widgets, and has started contributing to the community by sharing his brain.

If you need real estate assistance as a buyer, seller, or investor, I highly recommend Nigel.  Please check out his blog and get to know him.  He’s committed to the next summit in Sept.



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