Please! Market To Me!

I’ve gotten 3 letters in the mail from a local Personal Trainer who runs one of those "One on One" training  franchises that tout personal attention, etc.  Each letter, is very well constructed, and calls me to action.  However, like much of the marketing that I receive, it doesn’t offer me my preferred channel…a web site or email address.  This could be by design.  I really don’t care.  I just know that I’m going to take the approach that I always do when this happens and inform the sender that I’d be interested in their services if they’d market to me the way I want to be marketed too.  Of course I hopped on Google anyway and found them and there was even an email address to reach them.  Why wasn’t this contained within the direct mail piece?  Their letter talks about the hectic nature of life, the time demands put on us during the summer months, etc.  Correct.  I’m actually quite busy so I’d like to see what your tone is like and what you say by pinging you via email first. 

Have you ever received an email or been offered an RSS feed with specials or "Client only invitations" for the golf course, spa, or haircut salon (barber) you frequent?  I haven’t.  I’m pretty certain that I’ve signed up a few times for things…but I don’t receive jack.  Most frequently, I never get asked how I’d like to be marketed to.  A big mistake for small businesses considering that I’m an uber-evangelist when I’m passionate about a product or service.  I’m positive I’ve never received an SMS message offering me a coupon for a discounted round if I play "Tomorrow between 4PM and 8PM".  I’d be willing to receive that…but no one has asked. 

I’m exactly the demographic that about 500 businesses in my area would like to see drop disposable income on their heads.  Right now, a minuscule percentage of them have figured out how to separate me from the green.  I still use the places that don’t market to me…but they usually end up as clients.



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