Posting From Word 2007

I just read the Typepad blog and they have just highlighted the fact that one can post directly to a blog from within MS WORD 2007.  I had just finished typing a post in that program so I gave it a try.  It’s VERY clean except the TAGGING boxes that most of us have set up (technorati, typepad key word, etc.) are not there.  Thus, a visit back to the post on typepad is required to execute on this.  I usually find my self using word to create posts when I’m on a plane only.  In general, it’s probably good practice since I’ve lost numerous killer posts to a "time out" or something that cannot be explained while using typepad on line.



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  1. One thing to note when using MS Word it is notoriously known to produce bad “markup”, or HTML. Sometimes this can invalidate a feed. Just an FYI. Another Microsoft option is Live Writer.
    I personally use BlogDesk.
    All provide an offline and superior editor for composing posts and saving them for later.

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