Power of Intention – Willing Things To Come True

I’m having one of those days…you know the kind where if someone asked you to move a mountain you’d say, "Where would you like it sir?"

I’m feeling absolutely large and in charge and firing on all cylinders.  I’m actually emitting a ton of positive energy that’s breaking down whatever barriers stand in the way of success.  In exchange for my vibes, I’m getting a massive amount of return vibe that’s saying, "This works, keep pushing, go for it, don’t stop, this is only the beginning, let the energy flow from you and it shall return 100X"

My goal is to make this happen every day…oh yeah, and train for RAGBRAI. I just got to feel the Trek Madone 5.2 SL at my buddies bike shop yesterday.  I can only say that I was left speechless by its minuscule weight.  My first thought was, "Is this thing rated for 235?"  Avoiding embarrassment, I quickly muffled the words before they exited my mouth.



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