Race Fans Banned From Talladega For Life

Love him or hate him, Jeff Gordon is one of the greatest racers of all time.  In fact, he just passed Dale Earnhardt Senior’s all time win count…and he did it at Talladega, the racing mecca of the south.  Dale Jr. even instructed his adamant supporters to "throw toilet paper vs. beer cans".  No one listened. 

His car and the track were pelted with everything you can imagine.  I’ve been to Talladega and experienced those Talladega Nights (my most popular post ever) and I can tell you that the track allows a small cooler with the beverage of your choice to be brought in by each fan.  You can barely get Disneyland to allow water bottles for your kids.  Thus, each member of the "Gordon hater Junior lover" club had a quiver of malted missiles available for post-race shenanigans.  Too bad.  Fans were warned that they’d be arrested and the threat was acted upon.

Fourteen fans were arrested and banned from the track for life. I say good work.  It’s time that the fans at Talladega are held a bit accountable but not for the protection of Super Gordon.  There are safety and cost reasons that this behavior cannot be tolerated.  Someone could be pelted in the head with a 12oz bomb and I’m certain that the additional clean up ads hours that will come through in ticket prices eventually. I think the hatred, angst, and general dislike for one driver or another is really good for the sport.  Lord knows I besmirch Tony Stewart whenever possible.  But this violent expression of Southern Gentlemanliness should not be tolerated.

Fans often boo Gordon and flip him the bird from the stands…something I’ve witnessed personally.  Conversely, there is a strong supporting contingent that cheer him on in spite of the Budweiser toting "brew crew" that love Dale Jr.  In racing, both sides seem to get along on and off track.  Even with more than 100k + fans, I’ve never even seen a scuffle between the dueling factions.  So let’s revel in the drama of NASCAR (soap opera for men).  Get out there and shout some expletives at your driver’s nemesis, have a group hug, and sing kumbaya over a 12-er of Miller Lite.

Miller Lite!...I’ll never support Kurt Busch you @#$@#%$^&$#



2 thoughts on “Race Fans Banned From Talladega For Life”

  1. I completely agree with you. I have not made the trip to Talladega but I have been to Daytona and Bristol. I saw the fans come unglued at Bristol after Kurt Busch won (which occurred shortly after the Jimmy Spencer incident). There were a chorus of boos but no beer cans. Most race fans (including Jr. fans) do not tolerate the launching of 12 oz. missiles. I listened to the story of a young kid who needed 48 stitches after getting hit by one this past weekend. People need to get real or NASCAR should ban the tradition of bringing cold ones into the events. It is sad that the acts of so few may ruin it for the masses.

  2. Anytime you mix beer with 200k Southerners…it’s trouble 🙂
    Did you read today that Talladega asked the other tracks to ban these 14 for life also?
    Glad to hear this is picking up momentum.

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