Radio Garage: Class 6

So last night was as real as it gets.  We did an exercise where we tried to fit a monster amount of ad text into a 30-second TV spot (which is really 29 seconds in TV/Radio land).  Everyone in class read the ad as clearly and interestingly as possible…while trying to maintain the required time frame.  It was tough but essentially, we all made it.  But what’s the real secret to those guys and gals in radio spots literally speaking loud, clearly, and with EMPHASIS while not taking a breath the entire time?  It’s called digital editing. 

We learned that by recording one sentence or section at a time, the producer can literally remove the few seconds of "breathing time" required by most humans, and cut together a perfect pitch.  I guess I kind of knew this, but to see and hear the mechanics of making these spots happen was pretty interesting. 

The special treat came when we found out we were all going to read a commercial spot part as a real audition for the part!  There were a bit more nerves under that kind of pressure but everyone did great.  I’ll let you know what commercial it is and which classmates (there’s a male and female role) got the gig next post on the subject.



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  1. Here in LA, KFI 640’s version of the digital editor that removes the pauses is called “Cash Box” – because it allows them to add a few additional advertising spots each hour.

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