RAGBRAI 2008 – The Quest For An RV Begins

As we look forward to RAGBRAI 2008, I can say with certainty that my good friends from California based Luke Manohans Cycle Tours are coming out for their 3rd (can you believe it) ride across our beautiful state.

This year however, we’d like to travel in a bit more style so we’re looking for an RV to accommodate 6-8 people (floor sleeping is OK).  I’m sure I can find some outfit somewhere that will rent one to me, but I’m calling on my Central Iowans first to see if someone has a sweet old Winnebago sitting around gathering dust they’d like to offer up in some kind of barter deal???

Of course, if you want to provide the diesel pusher tour bus that’s fine too.  The bottom line is that we’d fill the thing with 6-8 responsible 30 somethings (including an doctor and our spouses) and your shiny machine will come back looking better than ever. 

Let me know ASAP if we can figure something out y’all.  Can you imagine how big the party in Ames will be this time around?  Yikes!



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