RAGBRAI Confirmed!

  My buddy Luke Manohan just called me and said "I’m in for RAGBRAI".  Actually, he’s in for the last few days since he’ll just be getting done with a ride ACROSS THE UNITED STATES and can’t get here in time to do the whole thing.  Yikes!  Have you ever conceived of riding from say Oregon to Boston?  Want to?  Who’d a thunk there was a way to see America By Bike.  In September, he’ll be doing the Oregon to Newport Beach, CA ride so I may find an excuse to visit my former stomping grounds for the last few hundred miles of that. 

I’m in the market for a road bike now too since last year’s Mountain Bike adventure nearly killed me.  Granted I have a killer Mt. Bike, it’s a very light Trek w/disc brakes and such…but at the end of the day, the riding position and lack of efficiency really got me. (Lack of training was no factor :).  I didn’t get any flats…that’s for sure.  I did elicit quite a few, "Dude…you’re riding a mountain bike on RAGBRAI…woahhhhh".  That made me nervous.  It was not until my left hand was numb for about 4 months that I appreciated their banter.

This year I’m going for the motor home or "chase vehicle" approach.  No more tent crap here.  Last year we ended our trek in Waukee, IA (near my home) and drove to the house about 16 seconds before the sky opened and put on a lightning show that forced all participants into shelters.  I felt as good then as I do when say every flight is canceled except mine…and oh the upgrade came through Mr. Mitchell, Mimosa and a hot towel?…and all we have left today are convertibles and its 72 and breezy.

So, if you’re interested in running the last few days of RAGBRAI this year and God willing I get a vehicle pass of my own, and you want to join up, let me know.  This year is supposed to be the flattest on record and that’s fine by me. 

Can anyone recommend a stationary bike trainer?  Bike World has a few that look good and I think magnetic is the highest end choice…but I’d love to hear an opinion on what made you happy. 



2 thoughts on “RAGBRAI Confirmed!”

  1. RAGBRAI? Doug, you da man! I’ve considered doing the ride, but the whole tent thing has discouraged me. Sounds like you’ve worked that problem out. Who’s driving the hotel on wheels backin’ you up?
    I do the Pan Mass Challenge (www.pmc.org) every year, but Massachusetts is a little teeny weenie state and it only takes two days. We camp out in dorms at the Mass Maritime Academy on the one night we’re on the road. Not luxurious, but the roof is solid.
    As for a trainer, I highly recommend you go for the best (my opinion of course) – a CompuTrainer (http://www.racermateinc.com/). I have had several and it’s the only way to go. You can buy one with an adjustable bike, but I like to use my own (change to crappy skewers first).
    If you haven’t gotten a bike, there are loads of great ones out there. I ride a custom Seven (Elium). You should look into custom bikes if you’re at all uncomfortable with off the rack sizes. Serotta makes terrific customs as well.
    Have a blast training. RAGBRAI sounds like a great adventure.

  2. Well. I’m not sure if I’m DA Man 🙂 I did tent for 3 days last year. Bad idea. Not only are you completely wasted when you’re out of shape like me, you must try to regulate temperature inside a nylon sweatbox. We’ll probably rotate out 1 day at a time with 3 of us on the mobile life support. Otherwise, we’ll find a volunteer that likes to drink and take care of people. I’m doing the last 3 days this year and coincidentally,my buddy that’s joining me is flying in from BOS on the 25th to Cedar Rapids, IA about 62 miles from our starting point in Cedar Falls/Waterloo. If something posses you to join up, consider the infrastructure there. Nothing like a first in person meeting conducted in spandex.
    And holy mother…that trainer looks like something Lance would use. Do you have the whole set up w/software and 3d courses? Wow. You aren’t kidding around.

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