Recovery…day 5

I am in my 5th day of post surgical recovery.  Through my "rampant athleticism" I encountered an inguinal hernia. Yes I know. 

Apparently, hernias are pretty much pre-determined throughout your body…much like aneurysms.  Whether you do something to expose them/rupture them/etc…is the question.

Well.  After tons of lower ab work, swimming 3k meters after biking for 45 minutes, and having a few colds with coughs that shook the earth…I "exposed mine".  Lowest abdominal wall muscle…almost where your leg and abs meet.  Honestly if I rested and didn’t do anything w/the lower abs it went back to normal.   However, there’s nothing normal about triathlon training so I opted to have it fixed now while the temps are frigid. 

You don’t appreciate how much you use your abs in EVERYTHING YOU DO until you’ve had them cut/stitched/wire meshed/etc and sewn back together. 

Of course every woman who’s had a c-section continues to put me down and claim that "you don’t know what pain is until they’ve pulled a 9lb kid out of you" (say it while putting on the 2 snaps up…um um um no you DIT-UNT ) voice and be sure to do the hand motion and you’ll get the felling.  Oh well.  I’ll silently toil with my bottle of meds and go watch Junior.




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