RentalMetrics Press Release Goes Global

I recently posted about our official public unveiling of the RentalMetrics Interactive Learning Environment.  Well nothing says "launch" like a press release hitting the trade publications around the world.  Here we are in Rental Equipment Register’s weekly online newsletter which hit this morning.

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to see the release get picked up in lots of places to spread the word. 

Our service can be summed up the following way:

Subscribing to RentalMetrics is like hiring a team of analysts, researchers, marketing wizards, statistical gurus, and a hall of fame coach to attack the business problems that cause pain at your construction/equipment rental company. 

The team’s recommendations, plans, and strategies are
presented in ways that really hit home using audio, video, and screencasts.  There’s a good bit of video conferencing and interactive LIVE
QA sessions via webcast too.

The team is available 24 hours a day every day.  They don’t require desks, wear suits, or ask for vacation.  They’re self driven, motivated, don’t need  supervision, and pay their own cell phone bills.

Team members don’t require sleep, are available anywhere in the world, and work for very modest wages.

Do you need a team like this?  Hire them or try them out.



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