Run for you life!

I can only guess it was mosquito spraying here in Clive.  My family and I had just arrived home after a 750 mile drive from Ohio.  We were just about done unpacking when a truck making a sound like a large generator came around the corner emitting a FOG CLOUD.  As we tried to figure out what it was the smell was chemically finding its way into our nostrils.

It was a scene from a horror movie as we heard the truck head our way…COME OOOOONNNNNNNN…GET INSIIIIIIIDDDDDE!!!  (Say it in the Arnold voice and it will make you laugh)

My wife bolted in and I shut the garage door just as the evil truck bolted past the house.  Phewwwww.  Just made it. 

I haven’t seen that kind of spraying since I was a boy in CA.  Back then it was done via helicopter for Mediterranean Fruit Flies.

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