Sage Prediction for Cleantech by Kleiner Perkins

Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed posted some great quotes from the prolific VC firm Kleiner Perkins. Most amazing and encouraging to me is line item number 3.  I write about renewable energy/ethanol quite often…thus I’m very encouraged by Ray Lane’s prediction.  Bigger than the Internet!  Yes .  It should be…it will be.

Here they are:

The Internet:
John Doerr (1997-2000): "The Internet is the largest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet."

John Doerr (2005):
"[The cell phone boom will be] ultimately be more important and will
likely offer a larger wave of investment opportunity than the personal

Ray Lane (2006): "This is bigger than the Internet, I think by an order of magnitude. Maybe two. I’m taking the entire energy industry."



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