Scheels Jordan Creek – Very Positive Experience

I visited Scheels today at the Jordan Creek Mall.  Here’s what I experienced. 

I’m looking for a bike rack for my trailer hitch.  A woman asked me if I needed help, I explained what I needed, she brought over a specialist, and I learned everything from a "kid" that couldn’t have been more than 18.  He was smart, courteous, and very in the know.  Excellent.

I’m looking for a specific type of holster and ammunition.  I head over that section and a gentlemen proceeds to give me the download and the what’s what on everything I needed.  He wrapped up issues that have been boggling me for months.  He was also courteous and "real" and knew the products from use and customer testimonials.

By the way, neither employee would bad mouth any other products…rather they gave me the straight scoop based on their industry experience.  That’s a good thing.

Great job Scheels.  You got the business.



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