Sharepoint Conference 2006 Update: LIVE

OK.  I wasn’t there…and I must admit that I’m writing this entry today only with my personal experience with SharePoint and a posting from Larry Cannell on Collaboration Loop  as a reference, but here goes.

The conference revealed details, "Behind the next major release of SharePoint. In short, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services version 3 provide a comprehensive platform that now services a large portion of the digital workplace.

STOP THE TAPE!  So I need SharePoint Server and SharePoint Services? That’s two things…and I think I’d need a developer to deploy them.  Not acceptable.  Do they offer a free trial?  Do I get a refund on the dev costs to try this out like we did at my company?  (23 people/software firm).  I guess I’ll stick with collaboration tools that I can deploy to my company with an AMEX Platinum card.

"We’re trying to have the commonsense set of templates that you can
take for granted that everyone knows, and that you build on within a
company to have the logic, the data connectors, the standards, all
those things through the SharePoint environment, and so really taking
what have been probably six different categories of software and really
pulling that together into a single environment."

Huh?  People know email, IM, Web Browsing, Excel, and Word….of which we the unwashed majority use about 2% of their native functionality.  I understand that enterprise computing is far more complex with rules, security, permissions, etc…but I believe that even the enterprise is waking up to the desirability of a $5k/month application that supports a division of say 500 people with collaboration, wiki, project management, etc. 

"This set up the rest of the conference, where we learned that the
SharePoint 2007 products will bundle the following capabilities:

  • Collaboration (blogs, wikis, project management, team collaboration, etc.)
  • Portal (portal templates, site directory, social networking, etc.)
  • Search
  • Content Management (document and records management, web CM, workflow, etc.)
  • Business Processes and Intelligence (forms, Excel services, data visualization, dashboards, etc.)
  • Built on foundational services such as workspace management, security, and storage"

Wow. They’ll have the stuff I have already used for 9 months from my "non-enterprise" vendor. 

I’m sure I wont get angry "Enterprise Software Guru’s" from the blogsphere besmirching my name because I "just don’t get it" (and let’s face it I don’t get the traffic)…but listen up folks.  Even with this new release, etc…people in the Enterprise will still be moving around their IT departments to get things done very cheaply and effectively using hosted web 2.0 software put together by hack-jobs working 23 hours a day in Sweden. 



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