Shining example of customer service and branding: Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry

My wife has been to a few jewelry stores looking for a new "screw on earring back thingy" that keeps the diamond stud deals securely in place.  (Earrings were purchased at Costco’s little jewelry section).  Each store simply said, "No sorry, you need to go back to the place where you got them and get a new thingy".  I’ve always found this odd since they sell similar stuff but I digress.

Fruitless for months, we decided to visit Jared at Jordan Creek.  We were immediately greeted by Stephanie who asked us how she could be of service.  Once we told her that we wanted this little problem solved (and effectively that we weren’t going to be buying a $5k ring that day), she solicited assistance from Arnold, another associate immediately.   Stephanie then offered us coffee, cappuccino, water, etc.  Shortly thereafter, Arnold returned with new back thingy installed and sent us on our way…free of charge.  Here are my first impressions, often the only ones that will matter.

  1. Jared cares and is in it for the long haul with their customers (and potential ones).
  2. Jared doesn’t have people that shuttle you off to the "they’re not buying anything so give them less service land" so prevalent (it seems) today.
  3. Jared has a kid play area so they don’t mind you bringing your little ones around.
  4. Jared’s brand promises are absolutely kept and executed upon when you visit the store.

Great job Jared.  In closing, let me tell you that my barometer of service excellence is my wife.  As we left the store, she said, "Well I guess we know where we’ll be buying all of our jewelry from now on."  That’s the kind of instant loyalty that you want…and you’ve got it from us.



One thought on “Shining example of customer service and branding: Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry”

  1. I had a similar experience at Jared. First, I went in and purchased a nice watch for my wife as a gift. I was organized and bought it about 6 weeks before I needed it.
    After I gave it to her she said it was lovely, but she would feel uncomfortable wearing the watch. So I went to take it back.
    At first, I was told I could only get store credit (because returns are limited to 30 days). I talked with the manager and she quickly consented to giving me a refund under the circumstances.
    Then she asked if I needed anything else. In fact I did. I needed a new battery in my watch (which was bought years ago from who knows where). She put a battery in for me and when I asked what I owed her she said, “no charge”.

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