Sky Scraper-henge

Img203It’s beautiful weather here in Chicago.  This was taken with the trusty Moto Q phone from the 7th floor outside of the gym.  This photo kind of reminds of Stonehenge but steel and glass.

I find downtown Chicago very enjoyable and on a scale that can be managed much more than NYC.

It’s amazing to do a little people watching on Michigan avenue and see the STARK contrast between those folks and the same crowd in downtown Des Moines (or downtown USA for that matter).  I’m seeing high fashion, tons of visitors from out of town, and massive amounts of cash being laid down at stores that have many things…but nothing in my size.  I guess "thirtysomething dad waist" isn’t cool in Italy right now. 



2 thoughts on “Sky Scraper-henge”

  1. Doug,
    Say hello to my old home town for me…I often miss her but so thrilled to live in a great town like Des Moines. If your on Michigan Ave. stop for some Garetts Popcorn…but don’t take pictures…they’ll take your camera! The best hot dog is at Demon Dogs under the eL tracks on Fullerton! Enjoy…see you Thursday!

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