Someone Dug Up Kosmo

Amazing! Has everyone forgotten Kosmo?  My God man.  I was just forwarded this link to a Tech Crunch announcement about, a same-day (4 hour) delivery company.

This is the most ridiculous bubble business model I’ve heard of since we all tried to do this about 8 years ago.  This has to be fake.  I don’t care if they charge $2 or $20, this will die and money will be squandered.  I’m now going to dive in and see who put up the cash to put lipstick on this pig.

When will the announcement about the national grocery delivery model come out (I hear GM has some great deals on delivery trucks)?…and when will Lickety launch in the Des Moines market…oh yeah..just this side of NEVER.  Click here to experience exactly what I’m feeling.  Schadenfreude.



2 thoughts on “Someone Dug Up Kosmo”

  1. I’m not sure you dove in as deeply as you should have. From what I can gather, this company is the anti-Kozmo. They seem to be sourcing items from local stores, and using 3rd party couriers to do their deliveries.
    I’m not sure about their roll out strategy, but it seems like they could launch in Des Moines just as easily as San Francisco and New York – as long as there are local stores that carry the products. Is there a Best Buy in Des Moines?
    That said, the delivery fee is higher than Kozmo, so it may take some getting used to. I miss those $5 deliveries. But for heavy stuff, they seem to be cheaper. $19.99 for 150 lbs. is a decent deal.

  2. I understand your point Roger…I am a simply an avid disbeliever that the model will ever obtain the scale to work. 3rd party couriers, high wages, lack of quality control, and inability to get people signed up on the courier/vendor side and this idea will tank. Is this not creating a mini-fedex or UPS? People are willing to wait 24 hours (or less) and pay $20 and it’s globally available. I hope I’m proven wrong.

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