Spring Has Sprung


Ahhh Spring in Iowa.  It’s about good wine, a fat Amana Porterhouse grilled to perfection, followed up with an excellent cigar.  Spring has an intoxicating affect on people I’m noticing…myself included.  Our kids are burning off months of energy stores and we’re finding it difficult to even bring ourselves inside the house before 8PM.  (It wasn’t that long ago that 5PM felt like "wind down time").  We’re eating outside every day, having Bohemia Mexican beer with lime constantly, and opening more fruity white wines.   I’ve begun cooking the entire meal on the bbq including foil wrapped veggies and potatoes done on a cast iron skillet right on the grill.  (We actually never stop grilling through the winter but the spring volume increases dramatically.)

This Spring buzz is even more noticeable this year since winter gave us a parting shot that lasted until just a week or so ago.  By this time last year, the trees were full of leaves and I was cutting grass with regularity.  We’re just now seeing buds open up to leaves on the trees.  The last deep freeze apparently didn’t kill everything…it just delayed things a bit.

This weekend is the first race of the 2007 season at Iowa Speedway and it’s supposed to be in the 80’s!  I"m chomping at the bit to hit my Newton Club seats and relax to the smell of hot dogs, cold beer,  and race gas exhaust. 

Vrooom vrooom



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