Spring’s Jungle Canopy

Our back yard with its 10 mature trees is finally in full jungle bloom.  All of the rain we’ve had (a lot) has soaked everything.  Now it’s heating up and the greenery is literally exploding.  I thought I’d gotten off this year regarding allergies…but they were simply delayed. 

This year like last, we’re having trouble getting into the house by 9PM and the taste of Mexican beers with lime are not helping my daily caloric intake.

I’m looking forward to the 15 step commute from the patio to the office in a while and wish all of my ex-commuting buddies well.

All hail the Midwest.



One thought on “Spring’s Jungle Canopy”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful setup.
    I’m having trouble leaving my German beers and grill alone enough just to walk the ten steps into my office.
    We have had some great weather – when it’s not raining. Now’s the time to be outside, before it gets to 100…

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