Stand Up Desk: Up, Running, & Productive

The stand up desk is in full effect now.  An additional bonus that was really not thought through was the under desk storage/platform for my printers/tower, etc.  There’s even 12 inches of available space under the shelf for box storage or otherwise.

Let me summarize.

  1. I used a Mayline drafting table procured via Craigslist for $150.
  2. Paid about $8.00 for a box of "bed stands" from Target that raised each desk leg 6 inches to get the proper height (for me).
  3. I’m finding the productivity great.  However, the day after the 3x per week triathlon workouts, it’s a bit tough to stand in the early AM.
  4. It took me over 2 years to think about this and finally make the move.  I’ll report on progress/feeling/posture, etc. along the way


Dsc08172 Dsc08173

Dsc08174_2 Dsc08175Dsc08177



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