Stand Up Desk – Modifying the Base Structure

Based on recommendation from a friend as an alternative to construction, I found a Mayline Drafting Table on Craigslist for $150.  These babies are about $!500 new!  They last forever.  The desk is steel and ultra tough.  The top "drafting table" portion is 6 FEET WIDE and about 4 FEET DEEP.  The slope of the table is of course adjustable.  The only thing I need to do now is adjust the height upward.  I’m working on that.  Also, There’s a 7 inch deep shelf (it’s really a cross brace for the desk) that could hold printers, etc.  I’ve cut a shelf from a pre-fab "faux wood shelf" in the same wood tone as the desk to put down there. That will get me almost 24 inches of depth on the shelf and make that space much more useful.

Pictures are coming soon.   



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