Stay Tuned For Beefy Goodness

I’m preparing to shoot an instructional video for you carnivores out there.  My dad is a master meat cutter…has been forever.  He’s been coaching me on the fine art of dissecting the large chunks of meat that arrive from the processing plant.  These are the large plastic bags you see at Costco for example.  They have a much lower price per pound because they’ve not been trimmed and no labor has been expended to make them pretty for you. 

This is supplementing my few years of training during high school when I worked at the local butcher shop.

I’m going to show you how to purchase those massive chunks and cut your own darn purddy steaks to your own thickness.  Nothing at the store is satisfactory for me.  I’m into the 1.75 inch and up thickness so I can get a good char and leave the inside just barely past medium rare (medium rare +).  We’re going to to begin with Top Sirloin…and then we’ll move into the whole loin where you get your prime rib roast (or rib eye steaks) and see where that takes us.

You game?  Here come ‘da beef.  Let the beef council create a beefscape outta this!



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