Struggling! (Marketplace at Jordan Creek per the Front Page of the Business Section Today

I’ve done my quick case study on the Marketplace at Jordan Creek (MAJC).  I’ve also highlighted another friends experience where "neutral service is negative".  Now today the front page of the Business section in the Des Moines Register has the following headline:

"Specialty Grocery Struggles in W.D.M."

(W.D.M. is West Des Moines non-Iowans).

The article paints a pretty bleak picture of the market’s prospects and does well to prop up its competition.  (Which by the way has gotten pretty good marks from my ad hoc surveys of customer service experiences).

I still believe that the bottom line is this:
In retail, especially high priced retail (aka Starbucks)…experience is everything.  Create the environment that brings folks back over and over again, because single visits do not a successful market make.  It’s repeat high average ticket sales that win the game my friends.

I’m still offering to recruit a cadre of black aproned customer service agents to make this a place that people rave about.  Shall I shine the signal light in the sky?  Is the MAJC listening to the blogosphere? 



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