stuck in Denver…again

I’m beginning to think that Denver is the worst airport around for weather considering my last two trips through it have resulted in delays.  Thunderstorms have arrived and lightning is everywhere.  I will probably avoid Denver like the plague now though I bet it has less weather problems than Chicago or Dallas.

Besides the travel, I got to spend the day with a 6 Sigma project team focused on solving some key transportation issues.  The bottom line…they get it.  Usually part of my work is communicating that the message that transportation is not simply an expense that you must put up with.  Rather, it’s an integral part of what you do and a portion of business that should be actively managed and invested in.  Not here.  Today we developed a road map to success and are being asked to participate. 

Hopefully, my head will find a pillow in Des Moines sometime before midnight before my brain reaches its mean time before failure.



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