Take A Dip…The Cheese Feels Wonderful

Before moving to Des Moines, I had witnessed the slow growth of a chain of Fondue restaurants called The Melting Pot out in SoCal.  I never went there…but the concept intrigued me.

Now, we have our very own Fondue restaurant in West Des Moines called Crave.

Since I missed out on the 70’s era Fondue craze (born in 1972), and can’t yet appreciate how much of a pain it probably is to have a lot of pots and pokers and Sterno cans around the house…I’ll probably go here at least once to enjoy the "Roaming and Socializing" effect that only a meal consisting of 1/2 oz portions dipped in sauce can provide.  Maybe this is the secret to me eating less. 

It’s hard to fathom actually.  (start the spinning spacey sound effect and the swirling screen wipe as the author slips into a dream sequence)

ME:  "I can’t wait to eat that incredible 24oz Prime Rib-eye on the bone, medium rare, with a side of asparagus, a bowl of lobster bisque, and some garlic mashed potatoes…and don’t forget the creme brulee for desert."

WAITER AT FONDUE PLACE:  "Sir, your vegetable and small beef chunk fondue will arrive shortly.  You’ll be dipping in cheese author’s note: OK not so bad.  cheese good. and for desert you’ll dip fruit in chocolate. 

ME:  "Um, I think you have it wrong…why don’t you bring me the entire piece of meat…don’t cut it up, and bring me a fondue pot w/boiling water…I’ll cook up some potatoes and some asparagus…but please…do bring the pot of boiling cheese, and some bread…because I’m definitely going to need something to wipe the bowl and my finger off.

(end dream sequence)
I wake up and find that I’ve stopped at Culver’s for a famous Butter Burger and a Peanut Butter Sundae on the way home from my first fondue experience)



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