Tastes Like Chicken

I’m in St. Augustine, Florida today in the World Golf Village wrapping up a 2-day conference. The weather was gorgeous today, in the 70’s when I think at home it barely reached single digits!  What a contrast.  Last night tornados ripped through areas about 100 miles south of here.  Not good.

Tonight, we wanted to get a bit more local flavor so we asked around for restaurant suggestions and ended up hearing about the Outback Crab Shack.
I really didn’t believe it when they said you can order "Gator Tail" there…but it was true.  Tonight, I consumed alligator meat.  It didn’t taste like chicken…it really tasted like the fried batter it was cooked in.  Anyway it was a great experience.  This place was an outdoor picnic bench filled road house bar where food was served on paper plates.  Here’s some more photographic highlights.




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