Teaching is the hardest profession

So as a teacher, you have to balance all kinds of things.  Most challenging for me in my limited role as an occasional teacher in online findability, multimedia, etc…is pacing the learning when classes have both novices with limited Internet experience…to hungry journeymen who've dabbled and thirst more…and everything in between.

I get what teachers must go through all the time when they have very mixed and diverse classes.  If you go too fast, you leave people behind or leave them scratching their heads.  Too slow, and people are bored.

I'm not certain that personality can pull you through all of these times where you must address each portion of the curve when working with adults in a classroom setting.

Any advice out there? 

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One thought on “Teaching is the hardest profession”

  1. When I took the bicycle instructor certification the first thing we talked about was peoples’ learning styles. Do they need lots of lecture and instructions? Or are they tactile and hands on like me?
    I think back to my Algebra classes lectured at 8 in the morning…were they trying to keep it a secret?!?!?

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