Thank Goodness Shatner Never Watched Star Trek

76 year old William Shatner recently stated that he has never watched any of the original series episodes or movies. 

He said he hated watching himself perform on screen, saying “I suck”.

I’m grateful that he never watched his overacted, pregnant pause ridden, space adventures…because he may have stopped doing them!  I am a huge Trekkie and have been since my dad introduced me to the series in the early 80’s (reruns of course). 




One thought on “Thank Goodness Shatner Never Watched Star Trek”

  1. I LOVE Shatner in all forms! I’m surprised he would be so hard on himself, as he has never seemed to me to be a person who took himself too seriously. It’s too bad he can’t enjoy his own contribution to the entertainment world – he’s unique and memorable! ~ Janet (Oh, and PS Doug, I met someone a couple weeks ago who had the Star Fleet insignia tattoo’d on his chest. Are you THAT much of a Trekkie?? 😀 )

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