Thanks for a fun BlogBQ

It was really amazing to wake up to snow and by the time the BBQ rolled around, it was actually a nice day in Clive, Iowa.  Thanks to all that attended.  My family and friends enjoyed getting to know you and your families.  Please stop by again for a taco if you’re hungry…I’ve got plenty.

– I’m still drinking your beer and wondering where to start on the poundage of deer sausage sitting in my fridge.
Drew – Your homemade desserts in the HyVee boxes/bags are still haunting me and my waist.
Mike – I made Pecan-Orange French Toast this morning with the bread you brought.
Claire – The black beans…well we’re all well aware of the power of the legume.
Tom & Gina – Just had some potato salad and some of the "small" bag of chips.
Katie & Jason – Steph’s dipping a quesadilla in the guacamole as we speak….and we’re all hoping that Dr. Jason had an acceptable weekend of rounds.

I hope we can do it again. 



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