That’s My Boy: A Reflection on your Pre-Kindergarten Years

From Wednesday August 20th…

My son won’t understand blogging for a little while longer.  He won’t appreciate that an experience with him nearly 3 years ago was impetus for this blog.  My first post titled "The Greatest Gift God Can Give"
is still one of my favorite to read.  It was the first of nearly 750 posts over the last 3 years.

During that time, my son has gone from baby, to toddler, to his first day of kindergarten as a boy.  Today at 8AM Gavin’s mommy and daddy turned him loose on the world of education, group dynamics, relationships, teachers, administrators, councilors, nurses, assemblies, bullies, lifetime friends, girls, school lunches, and recess. 

He was absolutely ready to get out into the world and slowly begin the process of becoming a man.  Oh there’s a long way to go for that…but ask anyone with a teen driving mom and dad’s car and they’ll tell you to hold on as long as you can because before long…he’ll be moving out and you’ll wish you spent more time together. 

Yes today was the first step toward his independent thinking and emerging out from under mom and dad’s wings…the first day of kindergarten

You can’t imagine how much your mommy and I love you and cherish you.  Someday you’ll know, most likely when you have your own baby.  You’ll know that even in the most frustrating and painful times of misbehavior, inattention, and "hot button pushing"…that we’d simply give anything for you. 

Welcome to kindergarten.  Welcome to a new chapter in your young life.  You’re on your way to being great man son.   



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