That’s What Dreams Are Made Of

It’s official.  Diamond Dave is reuniting with Van Halen for a 40 city tour.  I’m guessing they’ll skip Des Moines 🙂 But they’ll probably hit Omaha, Kansas City, or Chicago.  In any case, I’m there.  I’ve dreamed of seeing them live with Dave since I first heard "Jump" in 1984.  Of course I was 12 then and not really allowed to go to rock concerts.  After that, it was Van Hagar (which I love too but have seen them about 5 times). 

Here’s the official announcement. Anyone want to take bets on how many shows happen before the group remembers why they hate each other and quit?



One thought on “That’s What Dreams Are Made Of”

  1. You never know… You might get opening night!!! They have been know to start tours in places like Fort Wayne Indiana. They schedule the off track places for the first few nights to work out the bugs before hitting the big towns like Chicago, Boston, etc.
    – Royster

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