The Best Golf Lesson Ever..and it’s Free

I came across a great little piece by Dave Pelz, golf’s equivalent of a 6 Sigma Black Belt, on simple "between the ears changes" that amateurs can make to be more like pros.  He uses laser "shot-link" technology to study how different skill levels approach shots, and where they end up.

This is about the best little training guide I’ve seen.  Most hackers will scoff that it doesn’t discuss "swing angles" or something more complex.  What Pelz is trying to say is that without practice (90% of us) you won’t really change your swing so make some changes in the simplest things…like how you approach each shot and you can see some improvement.  I am happy to report that I do many of these things…and they’ve resulted in scores in the 90’s and sometimes 80’s on my best days.

Forget mechanics you hack job!  Think!



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